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Porn & the Society

Porn & the Society: A detailed argument on the impact of the porn industry on relationships, society, and gender roles A team of researchers looked at 50 of the most popular porn films—the ones purchased and rented  most often. Out of the 304 scenes that the movie contained; 88% contained physical violence; 49%  contained verbal aggression; 95% of the victims (almost all of them women) either were neutral to  the abuse or appeared to respond with pleasure in porn videos. This shocking statistic says a lot  more about the mindset and mentality of the consumers as well as the producers.  Pornography is labelled as “enemy of the family”. It Is said that the human body is a temple and porn  is its unparalleled desecrator. It is linked to violent tendencies.  Studies have shown that repeated exposure to pornography causes a desire for more abnormal  violence such as rape. This affects not only their lives but also the lives of people around them. It  affects marriages and families. It c