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Every woman is an inspiration in herself

  "Do not live someone else’s life and someone else’s idea of what womanhood is. Womanhood is you. Womanhood is everything that’s inside of you.”   Inspiration can be found in the darkest of times or the bright daylight if we only open our eyes to see them. From the last 19 years, I have been fortunate enough to see women who are not only trying to improve their lifestyle but also inspiring people around them. I think learning from the people around us, with whom we share personal connections gives us deeper insights and a more clear view of how things work out and how we should tackle them. Stating one of my biggest inspirations, my grandmother who is approximately around 82 years old and still carries that igniting a fire inside her to learn new & difficult things which are completely outside of her understanding zone. Last month, she got adamant and ordered a smartphone for herself because she was so fascinated to see how the whole world is at her fingertips. I thin

Why do we measure our value based on our level of productivity?

Have you ever observed that you feel particularly proud and content on your most productive days? Or that you can feel disappointed or unhappy if you haven't completed duties or met personal or professional goals? For many of us who link who we are with what we do, this is a typical occurrence. We live in a society that tends to place a premium on our achievements over nearly everything else. Resting, imagining, reflecting, feeling, laughing, and connecting with ourselves and others are all part of living a multi-faceted existence. We also need to step out of productivity mode from time to time to deal with difficult emotions, low energy, bereavement, illness, and other unanticipated aspects of life. There is also a notion that if we are not as productive as we should be, we should feel shame or guilt in some way. We fail to acknowledge, however, that our productivity isn't the only factor that determines our self-worth. We can't judge our self-worth or value by what we can

Subtle Sexism

The baby girl is wrapped in a pink blanket, She’s bought a house kitchen set and barbies to play with, She is told not to wear short skirts by teachers, She’s silenced not to discuss her periods, She’s told to sit in a certain manner, A woman is not supposed to be “loud” and “disrespectful”, Are you sure you even know anything at all about sports, She’s bold, brave and fierce but all she gets to hear is if it’s that time of the month, Her success is perceived as if she slept her way, A married woman is told to give birth, her biological clock is ticking, A guy can roam freely but a girl has to constantly worry, A mere thought of women driving scares off men, She’s supposed to be maternal and take care of her family,  A woman looked like just a household material & never career-oriented, Subtle sexism is ingrained in our lives, a product of patriarchy. Women can take the reins in their hands, rule the world She’s not to be mansplained and we are tired of hearing of being sexualized,