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Women in Sports

Women in Sports Sport has been a part of all our lives in one way or another. Whether in the form of primary school memories, playing for clubs, or being ardent fans of certain sports people and teams, it has created an impact on our lives in some way. Sport has a lot of power – it can even change lives. We have seen multiple stories in the media, of lives being changed through a sport. And the beautiful thing is, this impact lasts for generations. For women, sport is one of the biggest mediums to drive the gap between genders. It shows that no gender is less than the other and takes steps towards gender equality. Women who play sports defy social norms, gender based stereotypes and make inspiring role models for an entire generation of younger girls looking up to them.  But the situation wasn’t the same about 50 years ago. Today if you see a little girl picking up a bat and playing with boys or dribbling a ball in the court, you probably won’t be surprised. This has been a big change