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Gender Biased Sex Selection

An excerpt on female foeticide in India   Female foeticide is the selective abortion or elimination of the female child, with or without the consent of the mother, after the detection of the child’s gender through a series of medical tests. This is usually done under familial pressure from the husband or the in-laws or sometimes, even the woman’s parents. In India the ratio of boys to girls is 924:1000. That is, for every 1000 men, there are only 924 women. This statistic was calculated in 2019 and over time there has been a decline in boy to girl ratio in India. The girls have not vanished overnight. Decades of sex determination tests and female foeticide that has acquired genocidal proportions are finally catching up with the states in India. The frequency of female foeticide in India is assumed to be an estimation derived from its high birth sex ration, that is the ratio of boys to girls at birth. According to recent UN reports, “Every day around 7000 girls are killed in


  IMPACT OF SEXUAL POLICING ON WOMEN I interpret sexual policing in terms of women as enforcing supposed norms on women about their bodies, where most of what they do is constantly under scrutiny and their bodies are constantly sexualized based on how much skin we show or how outspoken we are or whether we drink or smoke these factors are taken as signals of our willingness to attract male attention. Women are constantly under scrutiny, their clothes, their behaviour, their makeup whether its at home or in public places, which creates binds that constraint movement and access for women, so much of the way women’s sexuality is policed is done in the name of keeping us out of harm’s way. Victim-blamers love telling women to keep our knees closed and our hemlines long if we don’t want to be raped and in my mere 20 years of existence this has always lead to increased anxiety and frustration for me, feeling this constant judgement and fear whenever I walk down the road irrespective of h