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Equal work, unequal pay

True independence lies within economic independence, to not have to depend on someone for survival, to be your own master. And within the struggle of gender equality lies this problem, the problem of the gender pay gap, where this patriarchal society can’t recognize women for their skill and intelligence but keep falling on the archaic gender roles. While there is also a lack of representation in the economy for women, with the labor force participation rate being only 10.83% as compared to 71.15% for men, even for those who can participate face considerable gaps, with the wage gap being 34% for full-time employees and wage workers, the wage being Rs 3842 for men while only Rs 1815 for women. While this holds true throughout the planet, it is considerably worse in India, which ranks 112 in the gender gap index. One obvious reason that comes to mind is cultural barriers, which is sadly one of the primary forces behind the problems Among the lower classes, the family can’t afford to get