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Crimes against women

Crimes against Women (2001-2014) A case-study We have all heard blood-boiling stories of rapes, human trafficking, abusive assaults against women but often all we can do is sympathize towards the victim and eventually, the story gathers dust at storage rooms of police or media archives.  This is an attempt to shed some light on these crimes. At 3,44,124, WEST BENGAL has the highest Cruelty by Husband or his Relatives accounting for 15.40% of the cases. It is a linear graph translating to an increase in cases with time. After 70+ years of Independence and amelioration of human rights and science, Dowry Deaths are still a common sight in India, which is not only shameful but also hideous and pathetic. At 57,256 , UTTAR PRADESH had the highest Dowry Deaths accounting for 26.57% of Dowry Deaths.  A general uptrend is abysmal. 2003 had 12,416 cases (least) and 2011 had 17,236 cases (maximum).       Rape is one of the most shameless acts of humans. It sh

Workplace Harassment

  The term 'Harassment' is a form of discrimination. It includes any unwanted physical or verbal behavior that offends or humiliates you. It covers a wide range of behaviors of an obnoxious nature. Such behavior affects the physical and mental well-being of a person.The ‘Me Too’ movement gave courage to numerous people to speak openly about offensive conduct at the workplace.Yet, many are still skeptical about opening their mouths and reporting harassing behaviors of managers or colleagues. Workplace Harassment is common but not openly talked about in utmost work surroundings. It can ruin a job and could turn a company into a poisonous terrain. Many individuals are not even sure of what is considered to be harassment at the workplace because of which a lot of cases go unreported and it continues to be a problem. The ‘Me Too’ movement has enhanced the awareness of sexual harassment. There are a lot of employees who leave