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"For me hearing my baba say “Mera bahadur baccha” was one of the highlights of our relationship. As a child, having my loved ones around was all that really mattered to me. I didn’t ponder about the materialistic things. To be a child is a warm and nurturing feeling. When I was 7, my ‘one and only’, my baba passed away, I felt like my world crumbled, My childhood with him was like a reservoir of love and happiness. Irrespective of everything around, he gave me love as I’d never known or felt.  A year before that I had lost my younger sister Raheen and that just increased the love and attachment I shared with baba. He always said, “My daughters are my everything” and he spent all his time just showing it to us through his actions. Two days before his death he told me that he’s coming home and I should wait for him. The jolly little child that I was, I was beaming with excitement. All I would do the whole day was keep singing “Mere baba aagaye, mere baba aagaye!” But the next I saw

Child Labour

  RECALL JUNE 12: CHILD LABOUR    Child labour, work that deprives children of their childhood, potential, dignity, and that is destructive to their physical and mental growth. However, children or adolescents who contribute to work that does not affect their health and personal development or interfere with their schooling is not considered as child labour. An example of the same can be when a child is helping his/her parents at home.  Children who discontinue school due to family indebtedness or are expelled from the school are more prone to child labour. Girls from socially disadvantaged groups are at a higher risk of being forced into child labour. For India, child labour has long term adverse effects. The economy of a country will only prosper when the country will have an educated workforce, skills, technology and the younger generation will be a part of human capital in the future. If child labour to a huge extent continues then there will be a trade-off with human capital accum