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Are you being bullied?

We mostly associate bullying with teenagers and schoolchildren being targeted by mean classmates. However, the fact is that we never stop being bullied. Many adults suffer from intimidation, teasing, and criticism. Adult bullies are everywhere. They can be abusive romantic partners, rowdy neighbours, work colleagues, bosses, friends, or even strangers on the street. You might dismiss these encounters as a result of personality differences or someone having a bad day. But, adults get bullied almost as frequently as adolescents.   Bullying has many levels and manifestations, but regardless of how subtle or excessive it may be, it can have a damaging impact on self-esteem. It involves rumours, threats, attacks- both physical and verbal or deliberate exclusion of someone from the group.  This issue is often condoned in the workplace. It can take the form of a manager who is highly critical and consistently demands more work from you while dismissing you. Bullies among co-workers may propag

Sex Education & Indian Society

  Sex Education and Indian “So”-ciety  Let's talk about sex, baby  Let's talk about you and me  Let's talk about all the good things  And the bad things that may be  Let's talk about sex? Nope. – Says the society. Not until a magical switch is flipped on the day you say 'I do'. Thereafter all at once, it turns like the main plot. Masked under heavy innuendos, among other conservative members who gently egg you for “good news”.  In the land of Kama sutra, Khujarao’s Sex temples, and people worshipping ‘Shivlingas’, the word “SEX” remains taboo in India. The country which wrote the greatest book about sex. For Indian society, sex still remains a matter to be discussed inside the closed doors of a bedroom instead of talking about it in public spaces to create more awareness.  India has great architecture and a historic presence to date. There are sculptures of sexual beings, denoting different meanings and expressions of being, and are still a part of the structure