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Pink is the new Blue

Walking into any menswear  section of shops, one will find shades of pink in striped shirts. Similarly, women too storm the workforce in grey and blue color outfits to fulfil their career aspirations. This revolution makes everyone claim “ pink is the new blue !” Pink is the new blue can be portrayed in two ways, of which one is to show women’s dominance in today’s world compared to the past when they didn’t have the will of their own. The other being the stereotypic definition of gender, based on colors pink and blue. When people find a woman working at a construction site or driving a taxi that too at late-night shifts, one might comment “Pink is the new blue”. But if they discover a man performing household chores or looking after his children, would we ever spot them exclaiming “Blue is the new pink”? It’s highly uncertain! The point is the elimination of the belief that men are supposed to mend cars, and women are supposed to do household chores and look after their children

Modern Woman in the Clutches of Society

“Life is not a bed of roses, there are thorns too”. “One must learn to adjust in order to be happy”. “This is life, everything is not going to happen according to you”. Women have been taught these things for ages. They are expected to adjust to every situation. Indeed, life is a continuous process of adjustment but there is a difference between adjusting and remaining silent against all the wrong one is facing. I have loved watching daily soaps or as others would likely call it ‘typical saas-bahu drama’. I always thought they were just mere scripts being enacted by the characters on screen for entertainment. However, now as I observe the women around me it is heart-breaking to see what each one is going through. Those episodes were not just the dramatic representation of the characters in the script but also the sad reality which is not easily perceptible. Women have always been victims of unfair practices since olden times. Though we have come a long way, certain things remain un