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Prostitution as a Profession

  As a profession which outwardly focuses on calling out women in many of the societies, prostitution does fulfill the needs and desires of many but ruins the basic right of dignity for others. It has been called as the ‘exchange of sexual pleasures for financial benefits’ imposing several causes that lead ‘n’ number of women to indulge in its practice. These include: Poverty, lack of sex education, kidnapping and abduction, trafficking, alcohol abuse, incest rapes and other religious, social and biological factors. Prostitution is often also called as ‘forced sex work’ since sex workers are willingly indulged in this profession to make up money but the prostitutes are mostly coerced to engage in sexual activity by a third person. Research describes that the number of women who choose prostitution from a position of safety, equality and genuine alternatives is minimal. Hence, a majority of women fall culprit to trafficking. The stigmatized work isn’t even legal in most of the countries


  When I first heard about the meaning of cyberbullying as a kid, I could only understand a tiny aspect of it, that is, cyberbullying is bullying with the use of digital mediums. When I grew up, I truly understood what it meant. It may take place on social media, gaming platforms and online messaging platforms. Cyberbullying is unfortunately one of the downsides of using the internet. The internet has given people the power to spread hurtful messages and lies about anyone without thinking about the repercussions it may cause to the person suffering through it. Cyberbullying causes excruciating consequences to those who have to suffer from this inhuman act. It is done by spreading false information about a person; sending threats as messages; impersonating someone and sending unpleasant messages to others on their behalf. Very recently, since there is a rise in social media consumption, I see people commenting their unsolicited opinions on those who have a public profile, in a rude and