Subtle Sexism

The baby girl is wrapped in a pink blanket,

She’s bought a house kitchen set and barbies to play with,

She is told not to wear short skirts by teachers,

She’s silenced not to discuss her periods,

She’s told to sit in a certain manner,

A woman is not supposed to be “loud” and “disrespectful”,

Are you sure you even know anything at all about sports,

She’s bold, brave and fierce but all she gets to hear is if it’s that time of the month,

Her success is perceived as if she slept her way,

A married woman is told to give birth, her biological clock is ticking,

A guy can roam freely but a girl has to constantly worry,

A mere thought of women driving scares off men,

She’s supposed to be maternal and take care of her family, 

A woman looked like just a household material & never career-oriented,

Subtle sexism is ingrained in our lives, a product of patriarchy.

Women can take the reins in their hands, rule the world

She’s not to be mansplained and we are tired of hearing of being sexualized, objectified and manhandled. 

Written by: Mayankita Singh


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