Let's Talk Hygeine

Girl Up Neev made its first mark on the world with a seminar on "Let's talk hygiene with Sirona". Ms. Nikita Sakija took us through an insightful journey of intimate and menstrual hygiene issues for women and inspired us to #bethechange. 

She took us through the process of sustainable menstrual hygiene and its importance in today’s society and how a lot of people are still unaware about its importance. She took us through the impact her organisation, Sirona, has had on society and how they’ve had a presence all over India to create this change and encouraged people to make the switch towards sustainable menstrual hygiene.

She's making people aware about how menstrual cups are better than using sanitary pads while most of the females use pads. Every year 150 kgs of pad’s waste does not degrade in the environment. Sirona’s Menstrual Cup saves our environment by minimizing sanitary waste which creates toxins. With proper care and good cleansing a cup can be used for the next 15 years, which minimizes the monthly waste of sanitary products and also saves money.

On their journey towards their vision of safe and pad-free periods to Commercial Sex Workers of GB road, Sirona launched a CSR program to provide reliable, economical and environmentally sustainable way for CSWs to manage their menstruation health.

Ms. Nikita spoke about how we can make a small but positive change on the environment by switching from traditional pads to menstrual cups or tampons. However, she also mentioned that people are reluctant to accept these new products on the basis of the myths related to the hymen and virginity. She invited us "the youth" to be the change not just by adopting these new products but also making more people aware about their benefits on the environment.

She also talked about how she wants to break the stereotypes and about how the process of menstruation doesn’t have to be boring. They have, therefore, come up with black coloured  sustainable sanitary napkins and are in the process to provide the same in pink and other colours. To sum it all up, “The youth is going to be the future of the nation, we might as well build them for it”

- Girl Up Neev Team


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